Tea, Books and Five Great Authors

  1. Tea books.jpgEdith Wharton.

    When I first read The Age of Innocence, I was a pre-teen girl who hid the book from others. I really don’t know why I did, exactly but I remember feeling as if the book was my own secret world that would be shattered if I shared it with another. As I read those words, I melted into that book. The words scratched at me, leaving me bloody and exposed. And once I closed it, I looked at everything different, felt everything different. New York City (my hometown) was different to my eye and finally, I understood the stirring emotions within me. I was changed.

    Jackie Collins.

    I read Jackie Collins long after I knew who she was. I knew she was Joan Collins sister but to me she was the cooler sister. She was everything Joan Collins was and what I in my imaginings wanted to be but Jackie was more–she was a writer. I always thought she could teach something–what that was I never knew and will never know. Maybe I’ll see her in heaven.

    J.K. Rowlings.

    Sure, I love her tweets. But I love the truth she always shares. She has a great talent but I love the strength and bravery she has displayed in her life. I’ve had my hard times too but she doesn’t use them as an excuse or a reason to pity her. She turns it and says what I do is not unknown and isn’t certainly lightning in a bottle (though Harry Potter certainly is). I love her realness.

    Mary Shelley

    I cannot say why exactly Mary Shelley made my list. Of course, she is interesting in her own right and that certainly adds to it. But she has always intrigued me. Everything about her feels…compelling but there is more. I just know that there was so much more to her that we know. We could learn something about her and pull back the layer and there is much more to intrigue us. I would like to know that.

    Agatha Christie

    Mrs. Christie had an eventful life in a time where women were not much more than wives and mother (though she was both). She was a nurse, best-selling author of all time and she traveled the world. She even disappeared for a short while and no ones know what exactly happen. But if you are a Doctor Who fan, you know the answer. I would like to see her strength, learn to have more of my own and how to keep going during those moments when I’m sure that I suck.

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Where the Magic Happens

My desk.  This is where I write my stories, where I waste time on twitter or check my email.  The desk is my writer’s place.  I sometimes wish I had the fancy office with a chaise lounge to spread out and become inspired by my characters and look out over my view of Malibu or Paris or Madrid.  Where everything has a place and some interior design magazine is dying to photograph because of it’s utter perfection.

But for me, this corner is perfection.  I’m surrounded by things I love and inspire me.  My office is perfect.  I have all I need to write.  Now I just need to get my book published.

Do you have an office you love?  Is there a place you’ve dream of writing?  Where do you write now? Kitchen table? Bed? Please let me know.

Female Friday

This Friday will be a dedication to Female Writers.  There are many great ladies to choose from Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, Nora Roberts and Jodi Picoult to name the “Superstar gals”.  Women writers seem to rarely get the respect we deserved yet we are the majority of readers.  When Nicolas Sparks writes a love story such as The Notebook or Dear John, those aren’t considered romance yet Rachel Gibson writes See Jane Score it is.  Some might argue that those stories are different perhaps or perhaps not but that doesn’t matter.  Today, I’m recognizing those women that inspire me either through their writing, which is how I know most or through the women they are.



I love Age of Innocence and The Buccaneers.  I admit I’m not crazy about Ethan Frome but Edith Wharton is the greatest.  I read her books over again and each time, I’m swept into Old New York.  I know the next words yet I’m always thrilled by them.  I’ve felt a connection with her when I first picked up one of her books.  It was as if something came through the pages and into me, connecting me with her for forever.  She is the person I would have loved to dine with.  She is the reason why Paris is the place I want to spend my days and she decorated homes too, which is a passion of mine.  Edith was and still is a perfection for me.



Jackie Collins.  I love her and her juicy tales of Hollywood and scandal.  My whole life I’ve wanted to visit LA.  There isn’t a particular sight that I’m interested in.  All I want is to feel the sun and smell the air, or smog.  But the closest I’ve ever gotten to LA is the airport on my way to Honolulu.
What’s really great about Jackie is that she doesn’t try to be anything else.  She’s fabulous in fact she’s better than Fabulous.  She’s Jackie Collins.



Dorothy Parker was a founding member of the Algonquin Round Table and the only female included.  She had a sharp wit that it seemed just the thing to have in her age but few possessed or as I like to think, displayed.  She wrote screenplays, most notably A Star is Born.  She also wrote the line, “Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses.” She proves to be first, speak you mind and others will fall over themselves to be around you.



Everyone knows Little Women and loves it.  Most ladies vow that they’re Jo or perhaps Meg or Amy.  But for me, I would like to believe I’m a Jo but I am a Beth.  I remember being sick as a child in the hospital, looking out the window, or watching it rain and while others played outside I was stuck in-doors.  I couldn’t get wet because if I got too cold, I could get sick.  So, I was Beth.  And at least I had someone to keep me company.   And Louisa finally made me happy to be a girl when I only wanted to be like my big brother and play football.  I did too though my mother never knew.  And I could tackle the boys since I was taller than most of them.



I must admit that I’m not a Harry Potter fan.  I’ve never read the books or seen the movies.  But I must give her credit.  She was on the dole and wrote out her book on a legal pad.  J.K. never quit though there must have been people who told her otherwise.  She created a world that has entertained millions across the world.




I’m proud to say that Leanna is a friend of mine.  She’s an award winning author.  But what makes her one of my favorites is that she invites everyone into the wonderful Victorian paranormal world of hers and it weaves a spell about you so you never wish to return to everyday life.  She amazes you with her kindess, talent, and selflessness.  I suggest if you haven’t read any of her books pick up her Strangely Beautiful series or just click here.  http://www.leannareneehieber.com/

I know people are going to say Jane Austen and I agree but I just wanted to include some others.  If you think I missed someone please add to the list.

Female Friday

Recently, I sent a request to Jackie Collins–the woman who I would like to be or good friends with–for an autograph which I received.  It currently sits in front of my computer as a boost of confidence and a reminder to plant my butt in the chair.

Anyway, the picture got me thinking about women, women in the world we admired or some of the qualities we want to possess ourselves.  So I decided that Friday is Female Friday the day when we celebrate beautiful, smart, successful, striving woman in any sections of lives.

For me the first woman is my mother.  When I told her I wanted to play baseball, she became the coach and we ended the season as Champs.  When I wanted to be a cheerleader, she helped make pom poms for our sneakers.  When I was in the hospital, she slept on the most uncomfortable chair, prisons in China have better seating that she did.  But every time I opened my eyes she was there.  Of course, she’s the top of the list.

Coco Chanel

 The woman built an international stylish legacy from meager beginnings.


                  Marilyn Monroe
Some people see her as the sexy blonde with nothing else to offer.  But she was the first woman and I believe person to have their own Production company.  Now Hollywood is filled with them.


During WWII, it was the women that held this country together and made it run.  No different as the hundreds of military wives do now.
On December 30, 2010 Geraldine Doyle,  the lady who’s photograph was used, died at 86.  But she still inspires ladies to use the strength we have.


I’ve loved her since SNL.  Her laugh is wickedly good fun and her humor is even better.  Just goes to show that women are funny too.


She’s a hard ass with heart.  Her voice, her songwriting skills and now attacking motherhood.  She shows that You have to fight for your right to party so Raise your glass.



Since the day she was born, I have been in awe of all she does and has accomplished.  People love her.  She’s smart, loves fashion and works more than any other GEN Y-er I know.  The world better watch out, she’s coming for it.  As she would say, GO BLUE!

Do you have a few woman you’d like to add?  Who and what inspires you about them?


Friends have a way of changing your life.  I can’t image my life without Liz.  The girl who always has me laughing and worrying sometimes but I know she’ll always get it together.  Or my writers friends who understand the ups and downs of writing and make me feel like I found a place.  And the friends that were lost or faded away, they’ve each touched my life.
But I was wondering about the friends I would like to have.

1. Johnny Deep: Besides being great eye candy, there’s an  intelligence that I love about him. I think I might see the world different if  he were a friend.

2. Chelsea Handler from Chelsea Lately:  She’s funny and fun.  The closest I hang with her are through with her books [can’t wait for Chelsea Bang Bang] and her 11 pm show on E!

3. Karl Lagerfeld:  The man is a genius, designing for Chanel, Fendi, and his own line, as well as a photographer.  A true artist genius in two art forms I love the most. 

4. Jackie Collins:  Because I love her and she’s one of my idols.  I would love her to mentor me in writing. 

5. Victoria Beckham:  I’ve always liked her and I just bet there is something more to her.  And as a fashion designer, I can get clothes. Maybe borrow one of her many Birkin bags.

6. Tina Fey:  The woman’s funny and smart.  She’s the person you can just sit back on the sofa, munching on Cheetos while watching Kendra.  Sweats mandatory! Laughter always.

7. Pink:  The woman ROCKS!! If I hadn’t been a fan since her first album I would have been after that Grammy performance.  She writes her song, which she pours her heart into.  Her voice and talent is long-lasting.  Love a tough woman who doesn’t lose her femininity.  And my favorite color is Pink. 

8. Amy Poehler:  She get you in a little bit of trouble– not the need-to-get-bail-out kind but you might be banned from a few bars.  Each of us need a friend that will push to enjoy life. And to think when you need a friend to lean on, she show you the fun side of the life.  She’ll have your back.

9. Graham Norton:  The funny Irishman is the best. Hey I love to laugh.  He’ll say something raunchy and probably blame it on you.  But you’ll be snorting your drink through your nose so you won’t care.

10. Eli Roth:  One reason only–friends sometimes fall in love.  Could it happen between us. Fingers crossed.  The man wrote Hostel [some can’t take the gore] but to have a man that looks that good and likes to write.  Sounds perfect to me.

Looking at this list, I have a few friends that fit each reason why I picked these celebs.  Crazy.  Which celebrity friends would you like?